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Timothy M. Murphy graduated from Loyola Law School here in Los Angelas California in 1977. He later began working in the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office in 1978. In the Defenders Office, he started in misdemeanor trials and worked in various courts for two years before being transferred to Juvenile downtown. There, he was made the Deputy in Charge of the Juvenile Justice Center in Watts for the next year. After completing deputy I, II and III in Juvenile, Tim was transferred to Compton Superior Court where he was promoted to a Deputy IV, the highest ranking you can get while still being able to be a trial attorney. Here he was handling the most serious felony matters which included death penalty cases.

At the time, Tim was in very elite status. No one had ever risen faster in the deputy rankings and there wasn't anyone that had become a Deputy IV in under 5 years. If you are facing serious charges and want to minimize the sentencing you face, there is no better attorney than Timothy M. Murphy handling your case!

Following these brilliant years, Timothy was transferred downtown to felony trials for a year and then reassigned to Mental Health for two years before handling various other courts in Pasadena & San Fernando. He was again placed in charge of the Santa Clarita office and was the training deputy for the Van Nuy's office for the last two years before being appointed to the Superior Court as a Comissioner.

As a Comissioner, he was in downtown LA for 8 years with his very own felony trial court. He then was assigned to the Mental Health Court for 1.5 years and then transferred to Family Law for the last several years downtown.

In March of 2011, he left the bench and opened his own office specializing in Family Law and Criminal Law. Tim has brought decades of high level experience with him to his office and has the ability to handle a wide range of cases.

It is hard to find an attorney in the area that can compete with Tim's experience, resume, knowledge and skillset. He has worked with hundreds of judges and has had the privilege of calling them colleagues. He has also worked with the best prosecutors in the area and is very well known for his trial and negotiating skills. Need more? You will not find an attorney with more knowledge in these areas and a sense of humor that lights up a room!

Call Law Offices of Timothy M. Murphy today to learn more about him and to see what he can do for you!

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